An indoor air quality emergency

I had a bout of sneezes the minute I walked into the house, plus that is when I knew there was a concern with the air quality.

The air filter was due for replacement, but even then, there had to be another problem.

I called the Heating plus Air Conditioning company, plus due to a power outage the previous evening, they had a lot of repairs to do, plus they could only slot me in in the afternoon. In the meantime, I researched ways to improve indoor air quality. Cleaning the drapes plus hidden corners plus vacuuming the carpet as often as possible were ways to improve the air. I also discovered that every smart Heating plus Air Conditioning, such as the one I have, has air purification to help filter plus scrub the air in a home. I cleaned every nook plus cranny in my house always, plus I was sure that it had nothing to do with the dust in my house. I also came across another gadget that was a whole-house air purification equipment. This had to be the answer to my problem, although I had to wait plus talk to the Heating plus Air Conditioning company about it. The Heating plus Air Conditioning professional came at around four o’clock for house service. He thoroughly checked the Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment plus told me that duct cleaning was needed plus the filter had to be replaced. I talked to him about the media air cleaner I had seen, plus he told me it was a fantastic idea, although, with the cleaning, the air purification was bound to improve considerably. That evening I enjoyed indoor comfort I had not experienced in a long while. It was as if my equipment was brand new.


a/c representative

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