The company installed the ductless A/C in a few hours

My fiance and I have a three bedroom condo with a garage that is attached.

My friend and I hardly ever store our cars in the garage, because our driveway is so long and spacious.

My friend and I do not have snow or frigid rapidly changing temperatures, so we honestly do not have to park in the garage for any reason at all! Even when it is raining, it is a short walk from the driveway to the house. My friend and I converted the garage into an entertaining space, so we could hang out with our friends. My fiance and I built a bar out of some old lumber and plywood that I had in the garage. My friend and I put the bar up in the corner of the room and we obtained a bunch of spirits to keep on hand. My friend and I typically have vodka, whiskey, rum, vermouth, tequila, and more than 2 mixers like soda pop, lemonade, and Club soda, during the Summer months, the rapidly changing temperatures can be quite warm. During the last couple of years, we have been using a lot of fans to cool the area during the sizzling months. This Spring, my fiance and I contacted a company so we could have a ductless A/C unit installed. The ductless A/C unit is the perfect unit for the garage, because it does not require a window. The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C company spent half of a afternoon installing the ductless ac. He wired the equipment directly to our electricity, so we can turn the ductless A/C on and off with a switch. This summer, we are going to have a lot more fun entertaining our friends.



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