Upgrading to a smart thermostat

My thermostat was over twenty years old by the time I replaced it. It never occurred to me to install a new thermostat. The ancient device served its purpose. It was nothing more than a plastic dial that required manual adjustment. If I wanted to raise or lower the temperature of the home during the middle of the night, I needed to get out of bed, walk down the stairs and turn the dial. When we replaced our furnace and air conditioner, the HVAC contractor strongly recommended that we update the thermostat as well. Our current heating and cooling system provides zone control. We now have an independent thermostat in each room that allows customized settings. We aren’t forced to heat or cool empty rooms and can solve the problem of those areas that tend to be chilly or overheated. Plus, family members can personalize settings to preference. There is a main thermostat in the living room that serves as the central hub. It is a smart thermostat that can be accessed through an app on my smartphone. If I want to make changes to the temperature in any of the rooms of the house, I can do it through my phone from wherever I happen to be. Whether I’m at work, away on vacation or watching my son’s football game, I can always check up on the house. The furnace also provides some very convenient and helpful extra features. I get reminders when it’s time to change air filters or schedule annual maintenance. I get alerts if there’s a power outage and tips to improve energy savings.
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