Super cold computer lab

I am currently in grad school and my school work is very demanding.

I live on campus, but I am here so often that it is starting to feel like I do.

I don’t have time for anything other my school work and the four hours a week I am able to work at the restaurant. I have been working at the same restaurant since I was in highschool so they are very flexible with my schedule. I know it doesn’t seem like I would make a lot of money, but you would actually be surprised. Other than school and work I don’t really do anything else. I spend most nights in our campus computer lab. It is not the most fun life, but I am trying to just get through this phase for now. I really don’t mind spending so much time in the computer lab, but there is one thing that I don’t love about it. I feel like they always have the air conditioner blasting. I know they are doing this because they want to help keep students awake with freezing cold temperatures, but it is almost unbearable. I have to bring a blanket and a giant sweater so that I can keep warm. Some spots in the computer lab are right under giant vents so you are blasted with the air conditioning if you are unlucky and all the other spots are taken. I really can’t wait until I am done with school and I never have to enter this freezing cold computer lab again.

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