Wearing a sweater to work

Have you ever been freezing freezing where you have to wear a sweater every single afternoon to work.

Well that has been my experience for about 17 afternoons at my current job; Not only have I been freezing freezing for the past 17 afternoons but my entire office has been complaining about the air conditioner… For some reason the air conditioner has been blasting and the maintenance crew cannot figure out what is going on.

I feel the maintenance crew has tried to call a local HVAC supplier a few times without any fortune and now they are struggling because almost everyone in the office is complaining about the air-conditioning. I don’t know if I would complain as much if I didn’t get so freezing while it was laboring… But I constantly forget my sweater and then it makes my situation even worse during the afternoon. I absolutely hope that they are able to fix the air conditioner quickly because I know the winter season months are coming up and I don’t wanna have to deal with a freezing office while it’s even colder outside. I complained to my manager a few times about the heating and cooling system because I’m starting to get rather angry that they have not got it fixed. I asked him how long he would be in till the air conditioner wasn’t blasting all the time and he couldn’t give me a straight answer. I was truly anxious by this response and now I’m questioning if I want to continue laboring for this supplier.

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