HVAC upgrade saves us from clutter

Having grown up with a mother who is an eyelash shy of being a hoarder makes a person pretty aware of clutter.

I’m not the sort of person who wants a bunch of stuff I’m not using just laying around the house.

I like for things to have a place inside the central air conditioning of our home. When I was a kid, I remember that my mother started this hoarding behavior with the guest room. I guess my dad thought he could limit her behavior if he gave up that room. Well these days, dad is long gone and my mom lives with stacks and stacks of useless stuff. It’s actually quite sad. But I can’t help that much and never have been able to so I just focus on what I can control. When I came home from a recent business trip to find a bunch of boxes stacked up in the guest room, I was alarmed. And my wife’s explanation didn’t help at all. She said that the room was basically unusable because it was at the end of the HVAC ductwork. She said it just wasn’t comfortable so she was making it a storage room. Well, I immediately got on the phone with the HVAC professionals and had them come out to tweak our residential HVAC. We now have zone controlled HVAC and there is a thermostat in that room. That was the end of the beginning of a junk room. Thanks to a simple and awesome HVAC equipment upgrade, my wife had no more argument for that room being used for storage.

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