I fell through the delicate spot on the roof

Winter time storms in this area bring a lot of rain, and the temperatures are never freezing enough to have snow, but we have mornings as well as mornings of rain when the higher elevations have snow; All of us had many mornings in a row of rain as well as I noticed a spot in the living room where the roof was leaking.

All of us have a one level home as well as the area above the living room has a undoubtedly rudimentary roof. As soon as I noticed there was a leak, I was distraught, and i could not get up on the roof to secure the spot in the middle of the evening. It was dark as well as wet as well as not undoubtedly safe. I waited until the next day when the rain slowed down. I grabbed a ladder from the garage as well as placed it next to the area where the roof destruction should have been, however my spouse came outside to rest next to the ladder to make sure that it did not move somewhere while I was climbing. It was slippery as well as I did not want to fall as well as get hurt. I should have thought more about the roof, because I ended up falling through the soft spot as well as I got hurt anyway. As soon as I stepped onto the roof, our foot went through. I fell right through the soft spot as well as landed in the living room on a pile of rubble. There was a large hole in the ceiling as well as I had to call a roofing contractor fast. I did not have a tarp or any of the materials to secure the area as well as we were expecting rain the undoubtedly next day.
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