Playing basketball without a cooling system.

I was complaining about not having a cooling system in my house, when 1 of my friends named Ed overheard me. Ed told me my pal and I played basketball without cooling system. That was different, and you could not play ball in a nice air conditioned gym without someone thinking you’re wimpy. You had to go to the local park plus play basketball inside the gated area. Ed asked how that was unusual from going without AC in the house for a couple of hours. The main difference was that I didn’t choose to be hot plus sticky in the house, but I did when I wanted to play ball. Ed shook her head plus looked it me while saying, ‘Man, you are 1 messed up chick.’ plus then Ed laughed. She put her arm around my shoulders plus told me to show him where I lived. I asked Ed why she needed to guess where I lived. Ed put up her hands plus said she didn’t need to jack me up, although she did need to get a cooling system in my house for my wifey plus teenagers. Ed would want someone to help her family if they had water issues. I never knew Ed was an Heating plus A/C corporation until that moment. She followed me home, plus within many hours Ed had the cooling system laboring, plus the house was cool. Ed told me the next time I had repair done on the AC unit, I should have the Heating plus A/C corporation rep check the coolant level. I had forgotten to call for servicing on the AC unit that Spring, but I could not tell Ed that.

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