A chat with mum about the air purification system abroad

Mum has always loved to travel. She cannot keep still in one area without planning a trip to the next. Now that I am an adult with an HVAC profession, I travel less than I would like. Being an HVAC technician takes me places but is less exquisite than where mum travels. Recently she traveled abroad to visit her friend. Mum and I speak daily on call, and her travels do not interfere with this. The other day after a tough and tiring day at work, I was happy to talk with mum. I told her how I almost fell off a ladder while duct cleaning the vents of a customer’s HVAC equipment. Mum was shocked and begged me to be more careful while working on the HVAC devices. She told me how her friend’s air purification device made the entire house smell fresh, and there was hardly any dust on the surfaces. When she arrived at her friend’s house, she was busy changing her air filters. She told mum that it would increase the indoor air quality as if it was not outstanding already. Mum always made me laugh because she spoke about things passionately. The smart HVAC fascinated her the most about her friend’s whole-home air purification system. Mum gushed about how it had studied the temperature preference of her friend and would automatically set to the correct readings when it was switched on. The home service companies provided their customers with air purification help at a lower rate than at home. Besides the things she mentioned, she deduced that the air purification systems at home and abroad did the same job: maintaining the air quality in any space they were in.

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