My parents moved in and we needed new HVAC.

Dad had a severe heart attack last year, that left him bedridden for almost three months.

Mom wasn’t doing too well with her arthritis.

I talked to my husband to see if we could help them. We had a small apartment in the basement and offered to let them move in. They had a kitchenette, living area, private bathroom, and a bedroom. The only thing we needed was a new HVAC system down there. We knew we needed a new basement HVAC system, but we expected no one to move into the basement, so it wasn’t a priority. Now, we are pushing to get HVAC into the basement before my parents move in. They sold their house, and gave us half the money to install the HVAC system and do any upgrades we needed. I knew some of the money was as a thank you for letting them move in with us, but I said nothing. We discussed the new HVAC with mom and dad, but they said it was our house, and our decision. I wanted them to feel like it was now their home, so we made all decisions with them. When dad mentioned ductless HVAC, I was a bit surprised. I didn’t think he knew very much about ductless HVAC, but apparently he and mom had been discussing it for a couple of years. He told us how efficient the ductless HVAC would be, and how it wouldn’t take up much room in the apartment. When he showed us the mini split HVAC system they had discussed, I got interested. It was exactly what we needed in the basement apartment.
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