The body is cooling down at home

I need to decide if I want to spend a relaxing time on the beach with my friends later or play music with my bandmate on the pier by the beach.

  • Those are my two passions and sometimes they are in conflict with one another.

I can’t do both on the same day because they take way too much energy and my shoulders can’t last that long. Volleyball uses the shoulders a lot and drumming uses them even more, so I can only do one in a day and need to decide soon which one it is going to be. Cooling down my shoulders after playing sports or music is a must, and the cold sea works well for that, which is then followed by a heating up session next to my radiant space heater. I played some ball last night and today my shoulders are a bit sore, but I think they are good enough to either play again or do some drumming in the band. I will wait to hear from my HVAC tech bandmate and let him tell me if he wants to play or not. Sometimes he is busy and can’t, so if he tells me so then I will pack my gear up for the beach and play some games later. We also have to clean my furnace out, which is an oil furnace and is in need of a good cleaning as it was used the whole winter quite a bit. I think we can get that done this weekend in an hour or two and be set till next winter.

a/c representative

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