Working on the radiant heating unit

Well, I am down to about 30 minutes of work before taking a break for a nap.

Then I will come back and do 45 more minutes of work before finishing the day.

Today is a bit slower as I am pretty tired from staying up late last night. I was playing sports till about 8 pm and by the time I got home and took a shower it was already 10 pm and I still hadn’t eaten dinner yet. I think I finally got to bed around 1 am and I woke up around 8 am because my air conditioner stopped working and my bedroom was getting really hot. I can cancel all my plans today with my band and my friends on the beach later, or I can tough it out and play music later after hitting the beach for a game or two of ball. The heating supplier is closed today so all I have to do is get my work done online and then I am free to do whatever. I think I will do my yoga and see how my body feels, and if I am not feeling a lot of pain then maybe I will be able to play ball and music tonight. We also need to visit a couple of the local businesses to give them our business cards in case they are looking for some entertainment for their clubs and bars. We would like to do three or four gigs a week if the pay is good so that we can cut back on our HVAC tech work.

Geo heat pump

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