Some of my students complain about everything

I am a private school teacher.

I also teach college classes in the evening to make extra money and I do enjoy educating others.

An issue I face as an adjunct instructor is not being as close with the college classroom I teach in. I am close with my private school classroom because I’m there everyday. I am less close with my classroom because I am only there a day a week. I did notice that it felt quite hot in my college classroom, but the thermostat read that it was on. I left the door open to help cool down the classroom. As the students were arriving, I apologized for the temperature and informed them that I sent a text to see if the school Heating and Air Conditioning worker would come out and check on the thermostat. Many students were super understanding about the air conditioning not working well. It was hot in the room, but it was not excruciatingly hot. Some of my students complain about everything. They are the ones who try to argue with their lecturers about losing a single point on an assignment. They threw a fit about the air conditioning not working well. In the middle of my lecture, they stood up and started yelling that it is impossible to learn in this environment and I should know how to repair the thermostat. I calmly and politely asked them to leave the classroom, as I already explained that I cannot repair the thermostat and it is against the rules to yell at your teacher.


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