The heating, ventilation and A/C specialist fainted.

Nothing worries me more, than when someone faints or gets hurt at my house.

I am consistently afraid of being sued.

I had once had someone in my attic installing insulation. She got up there, and I told him the HVAC duct had a few rough edges, and she had to be careful. She ended up bumping her head on the HVAC duct, which caused him to fall backward, and she fell between boards, ending up going through the ceiling and landing on her back. I called the ambulance and then called the insulation supplier. I had to pay for her accident, and pay to have the ceiling repaired, even though she knew the HVAC duct was in the attic. I thought it was her own fault, however their insurance supplier didn’t, last week, the heating, ventilation and A/C specialist was at my house. I was just looking out, just in time to see him fall to the ground. I am uneasy she had been bitten by something, or been harmed by the air conditioning unit. I also called an ambulance and then my friend and I opted to go out to the heating, ventilation and A/C specialist. She was simply coming around by the time I got outside. I told him to lie still and asked him if she was okay. She told me she had fainted, and she could barely breathe, however from her pallor and the perspiring, I knew she was having a heart attack. I also knew it was wrong, however my first thought was if there was any way they could make this my fault. I couldn’t really afford for my insurance premium to go any higher.

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