My brother finally has financial independence after becoming an HVAC technician

I watched my brother go through years of ups and downs before he finally made the decision to start going to technical school.

For a few years he was homeless living life as a drug addict.

But after going to rehab and getting clean, he hasn’t used any substances in over three years. I’m proud to see the changes my brother has made to his life, especially after he made the executive decision to attend trade school to get a good career that would last him his entire life. All of us in the family were supportive of this move from the start because our father and uncle both went to trade school and became an electrician and a plumber respectively. My brother’s original plan was to pursue cooking and be a chef for a big restaurant, but he quickly found the thought of doing food service to be too stressful. His instructor was smart and told him to work a part time job as a dishwasher in a busy kitchen to get a feel for the work environment, and that was the only thing he needed to make the decision for him. Instead of cooking, he went into the heating and cooling industry instead. His trade school had a program where he could learn both residential and commercial HVAC at the same exact time, giving him a higher chance of getting hired upon graduating. Now he works for a big plumbing and HVAC company as an installation technician and gets paid enough money to make him truly financially independent for the first time in his life.
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