Getting back to normal

I have been working from my house for about three months now.

  • While I really like being able to work from home and don’t have to spend so much money on gas, I am ready to start getting life back to normal.

I wish that I could go out in public and be around people but that is just not the case right now. I got an email from work last week saying that we could go back into the office if we wanted. I am a little hesitant to go back into the office full time and the main reason is a little silly. I hate the HVAC system in my office. I know that seems weird, but it’s always freezing cold in my office and when I am working from home I can keep my office set to whatever temperature I want. I have gotten so spoiled being able to set the thermostat to my liking that I am nervous I won’t be able to adjust to going back into the office. I know most people won’t understand this but I just want to be comfortable while I am working and don’t want to have to wear a giant sweater because the office is freezing cold. I think that if I decide to go back into the office I am going to talk to my manager about changing the temperature of the office because I can’t be the only one that feels this way about the HVAC system at the office. I know I have seen other girls in the office wearing giant sweaters to stay warm.

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