Eight heating reps to help

Today is one of those workdays that seems to keep lingering on with no end in sight.

But I know for a fact that if I just keep slowly plugging along the work will get done on its own accord.

It is best not to judge anything when faced with a difficult task or a big pile of work. I am just flowing along this morning and letting the work do itself while I just watch it happen. If I don’t think at all and just do, I find that it passes a lot quicker and is done easily. HEPA filter sales will be my work for tomorrow, but there is no use thinking about the job at the HVAC business till that time is here. It is best to just stay in the present and not think of the future or the past, that way you are more immersed in what you are doing and it gets done with better quality. I have to clean the heating and cooling system later and am going to enlist the help of an HVAC rep to make sure I am doing the job right. I haven’t done this type of work in a while and I would like another set of eyes to make sure I am doing the job correctly. After I get that done I will visit my cooling tech buddy and go eat some lunch at the local business, then I’ll come home and take a nap for an hour to recharge my batteries for this Friday night that is coming up soon.


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