Keeping in touch with the a/c guy

It’s not so easy to turn down a kind gesture.

But all kind gestures are not necessarily superb things.

No matter the intention, there is still particular lines that I’m not willing to cross. And I had to get that across to my legitimately persistent neighbor. I love the guy because he’s a sweetheart. But I’m not a helpless female. Perhaps he’s of a particular age when guys feel like they have to look out for a lady residing on her own. For sure, I love the fact that his heating & cooling gesture came from a caring place. It’s just that his offer didn’t jibe with the way I run things in my home. I came condo to the a/c not running about a week ago. I’m no Heating & A/C specialist but I didn’t want to go the night without cooling if there was something super easy that could be corrected. So I diagnosed the breaker & everything I could think of in the house. That wasn’t the problem. So I took a flashlight & walked out to check the Heating & A/C cabinet outside. I feel that’s when my neighbor saw me. It didn’t take a minute before he was across the street mansplaining all about how a/c works. That was great & I loved him coming over. But when he provided to have his guy come take a look, I asked if he was a licensed Heating & A/C professional. He wasn’t so I said thanks but no thanks. That sort of put a damper on the encounter so I explained that my Heating & A/C warranty clearly states only Heating & A/C specialists are to work on it. But I did wait until morning so I didn’t have to pay the emergency Heating & A/C service call fee. And that did impress my neighbor in the end.



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